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This is me


Real talk… If you crave perfection, I am not your girl. I am forgetful and easily distracted and there is a good chance I am going to call you, or someone in your family the wrong name at your session. If I don’t, there is a 100% chance that I will spend the whole drive home worrying that I did, but that you were just too nice to point it out. I blast bad 90’s and 00’s pop music on my commute because it makes me happy and if I don’t know the words I am just make them up. I am sometimes paralyzed by anxiety in the middle of the night when I can’t stop thinking about losing my parents or my girls growing up. The Zoloft helps, but I also forget to take that like 80% of the time, so there’s that. I say “fuck” a lot and I don’t go to church, despite still struggling with feeling guilty for literally everything and anything, which I blame on growing up Catholic. Although I love my children more then I ever thought humanly possible, there is still a little part of me that misses the days when I was young and hip and fit into real pants. I say I am ok with my new mom-bod, but I don’t always mean it, despite preaching to all my beautiful mama clients that they are perfect no matter what.

I am wife to a hard working, wind turbine climbing husband, and a mom of two adorable, if sometimes exhausting, little girls.  I also work full time as a pharmacist in addition to running my photography business.  I am always behind on laundry and my kids eat way more Easy Mac than is probably healthy.  But I am a firm believer that when they are grown, my kids won't remember the piles of laundry, but they will remember how we spent long summer days together at the pool and snuggled them to sleep at night.  

I bring that same approach to my photography.  My goal is not to capture everyone smiling at the camera in their Sunday best.  Instead, I want the real you.  I want to help you remember the way their chubby hands wrap around your finger.  The way their nose wrinkles when they belly laugh and the way you comfort them when they cry.  I want their toes, their belly buttons and their eyelashes.  Their preteen awkwardness and their teenage in-between-ness.  All the things you think you'll remember forever but that change and fade far too quickly.  I'm a mom.  I know that we always want to wait... until we lose ten pounds or the house is clean.  But I promise you…. I won't judge your leggings or the piles of junk mail, or the shoes heaped at the door.  I know exactly how you feel and I will use that to find the beauty in your chaos.


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