What to expect during your Authentic Session

These sessions are all about real, honest connection, not about everyone smiling and saying cheese (and stressing out when the kids aren't cooperating).  Don't get me wrong, we'll get a few of those Christmas card photos... the ones that Grandmas love, where everyone's face is visible and the kids *appear* to be behaving.  But that's not what we're here for.   Authentic sessions are all about capturing your love and connection.  In fact, I'd prefer you not even look at the camera unless I ask you to.   Just pretend I'm not there and snuggle your babies and love on your partner.


So how does the process work?  

Once you decide to book, I will work with you to help pick out a perfect location and style.  Maybe you want to capture a morning at home in pj's making pancakes as a family, or perhaps you're envisioning everyone snuggled on an antique quilt in the light of a golden sunset.  Together we'll come up with the perfect session to fit your family.  Outdoor sessions are scheduled at sunrise or an hour before sunset, indoor sessions are scheduled mid-morning or afternoon, depending on the light in your home (don't worry, I will help you figure out the best time for your home!).

If you're not sure what to wear, I can help with that too!  Send me some pictures of what you have in mind and I'll  guide you in the right direction.  I will work with you as much as you need to coordinate (this is key... don't match, coordinate!!) outfits for the whole family, whether that's just two of you, or seven.  I can also provide you with some great recommendations on places to shop or rent some amazing outfits, so don't hesitate to ask if you're feeling overwhelmed.

Midland Texas sunset family session

On your session day, we'll start with a few standard "poses" just to make sure we get some to keep those grandparents happy.  After that, we just roll with it.  We may take a little walk or maybe have everyone snuggle in a big pile.  I will likely do a bit directing, but don't expect stiff posing and awkward moments.  Hold hands, hug tight, have tickle fights... generally have a good time.  If you're feeling awkward, we can play some silly games to lighten things up.  If dad is dreading it (lets be honest, we all know dads *love* family picture day!) give him a beer beforehand.  I want this to be no stress for you!

nizhoni photography little boy with fedora and orange kitten

"But Amanda, my toddler is CRAZY! You'll never get any good pictures...." Trust me, your toddler is completely normal and cannot possibly be more dramatic than mine.  And since we aren't trying to force them into poses, their odds of melt down go down drastically. BUT, I do have a toddler too, so I know that sometimes meltdowns happen for absolutely no reason at all.  And that's OK!  If your kids aren't behaving perfectly, there's no reason to get upset (I'm looking at you dad.)  Just comfort them the way you would at home.  I'll back off, but don't be surprised if I continue to shoot from a distance.  Sometimes those moments make for the images you cherish most.  


After the session, it typically takes me about two weeks to process your images.  Once they're ready, you'll receive an online gallery that you can share with family and friends.  You will receive the number of images provided with the package you chose; however, you always have the option to purchase the rest for an additional fee.  Your gallery will also contain a print release so that you can download your images and print them at your preferred vendor (we highly recommend mpix.com!!), Or, if you're like me and just want to get it done with as few steps as possible, you can order prints right from your gallery. And so can your friends and family!

There are  just a few important housekeeping notes to keep in mind...

  • Sales tax of 8.25% will be added to all packages and products at invoicing.
  • For packages including a set number of prints, those images included in the gallery are at the discretion of the photographer based on artistic vision and flow of the gallery.  No substitutions will be permitted. A full gallery upgrade is available for $250
  • All images include creative processing and basic retouching.  Intensive editing is available upon request for an additional charge per image.
  • Packages include pricing for immediate family groupings only. Extended family sessions are additional. Please use our contact form to get a custom quote.
  • Travel cost apply for sessions requiring travel more than 30 miles outside the Midland/Odessa city limits.
  • Session and product fees subject to change without notice.

So if you're ready to book and have a great time, use that button down there and let's get you on the calendar!!