McFadden Family :: A sunset family session

I've never really been the kind of person who has a huge circle of friends.  During most stages of my life, I've had one or two really close friends and that's it.  Part of it is that making friends as an adult is complicated!!  And the other part is that once I get home and change into sweatpants, it takes an act of congress to convince me to get back up off the couch.  I've always been pretty ok with that.  The problem with that, is that then we moved to Odessa, then Midland, and had a baby and all of a sudden I realized i didn't have *any* friends.... and being a new mom in a new place is hard y'all!!  Luckily we live in an era of Facebook mom groups (or unluckily, if you happen to fall victim to the ridiculous mom-shaming that seems to go along with such groups, but I digress).  In my case, it was a good thing, since that's where I met this gorgeous mama.

Jordan and I met through an online group of moms with similar interests, including but not limited to, cloth diapers and sarcasm.  She has turned into a great friend and I am so thankful to have met her.   Her little one is turning one in just a week or two, so we met up out in Greenwood to do some family photos before Baby Blaike's cake smash (which I CANNOT wait to share, because it is literally the cutest ever!) 

Odessa Texas family photographer daddy and me session
Nizhoni Photography Midland texas family photographer family session
Midland Texas family photographer Daddy and me session
Nizhoni Photography Odessa texas family photographer sunset session
NIzhoni Photography West Texas family photographer mommy and me session
Nizhoni Photography Odessa Texas mommy and me session
Nizhoni_Photography_Midland_Texas_Outdoor_Lifestyle_Family_session (12).jpg
Midland Texas family photographer mommy and me session

This is actually one of my first family sessions since I got back from my mentorship with My Four Hens Photography and it was so great to put into action some of the things I learned during my time with Sarah.  We just spent some time strolling around this great little rural area I've been eyeballing for months and chatting while they loved on sweet Blaike (and each other, hubba hubba!).  There is just something so gorgeous about the way the evening sun hits the tall grass and prickly pear cacti.  

Nizhoni_Photography_Midland_Texas_Outdoor_Lifestyle_Family_session (12).jpg
Midland Texas Sunset Couples Session
Nizhoni Photography Midland Texas Lifestyle family photographer
Nizhoni_Photography_Midland_Texas_Outdoor_Lifestyle_Family_session (2).jpg

And of course, before there was baby, there was just mom and dad.  So at every family session, I always make sure to get some shots of just the parents.  Mom and dad shots are actually some of my favorites, because I love getting to see them focus and love on each other for a bit, while the kids are otherwise entertained.  I don't know about anyone else, but I sometimes get so caught up in the daily tasks of parenting and adulting, that I need a gentle reminder to appreciate my hubby.   I like to look at this as a way to embrace and remember that they are more than just parents, but also a happy couple too!

If you're ready to schedule your own family photography session, whether its a gorgeous location session or an indoor lifestyle session you're after, give me a shout!  Let's make some magic.