Munoz Family :: An in home Storyteller session

Why should you consider having an in-home Storyteller session instead of a traditional family photography session?  If the thought of spending an evening (or worse yet, getting up super early!)  corralling your kiddos and getting them into the perfect outfits before spending the next hour keeping their hand/faces/outfits clean so that you can get them in the car and pray that they behave for the nice lady with a camera makes you want to hide in the bathroom with a pack of Oreos, then Storyteller sessions are for you.  Perhaps you just know that no one who really knows you is going to buy the thought that you all got dressed up and went to the park to go strolling through the wildflowers.  Or maybe you just really want to be able to look back one day on the memories of how they used to have dance parties in the living room and create Lego masterpieces all over the floor, to remember their tiny toes and chubby hands, and their excitement at being allowed to have a pillow fight JUST THIS ONCE!

A few weeks ago, I spent a Saturday morning hanging out with the Munoz family.  In her questionnaire, Mom had indicated that it might take the boys a bit to warm up, but another advantage of an in home session is that everyone already feels at home.  There was definitely no warm up period needed with these guys.  We started out with some Pokemon cards before breakfast (a late breakfast because, lets face it, none of us are morning people, lol) then followed it up with a dance party in the living room.   There were some pillow fights with Dad, some snuggling with Mom and only two episodes of crying, both of which are actually included in this gallery.  Because you know I love real life.   

Now, I know what you are thinking... "Look how adorable their house is!  I can't do an in home session... my house is no where near that adorable."  Well, yes, their house is super freaking cute and also multiple shades of the most amazing grey.  (Which I now want to paint my own house.)  But your house doesn't have to be magazine worthy or even necessarily completely picked up.  Just shove those laundry baskets in a closet and stuff that mountain of junk mail in a drawer (or don't, I don't even care!) I love natural light, so we will use whatever rooms have the best windows and I'm not above moving furniture to make the best use of the light in your house.   And if you still aren't sure, let's get together!  I'd be happy to do a walk through your home and show you the kind of magic we can make. :)