Generations :: An in home lifestyle shoot

Some of you may know my beautiful friend G, who shows up often on my page because she is always up for an adventure when I need a model for a crazy photography idea.  This past week I met G and her sweet kids at her mom's apartment. It was a stormy day but the apartment had bright white walls that reflected the beautiful light pouring in from the big glass door that made up one whole side of the living room.  While I'm not a spiritual person, I couldn't help but feel the connection between the weather and the story of G's mom.

See, G's mom is in the end stages of breast cancer.  She no longer has the strength to leave her apartment and she suffers from headaches and tires easily.  And still, despite that, she opened her door and and welcomed me into her home.  She read stories and blew up gloves for her grandbabies to play with, prayed and snuggled, all with a smile and emanating peace; a calm, beautiful light in the midst of the storm.

And I feel like a session so powerful that it moved me to tears while editing should have some sort of profound commentary to accompany it, but it doesn't.  All I can think to say is "get in the picture."  Don't wait until the end is near (because all to often, we don't see it coming) but get in the frame now.  It doesn't matter if its an iPhone selfie or a professional photo session.  Just exist in images, and print them out. Because some day, it will mean everything to the loved ones we leave behind.

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