The Payne Family :: An Odessa Texas Fresh 48 Session

No matter how long I've been at this photography thing, I still always get incredibly nervous to photograph other photographers. Even though I've done it on several occasions and its always gone well, there's that little part inside of me that worries I am going to be an epic fail.  So when Brandie asked me to do a Fresh 48 session, I might have freaked out just a little because she is an amazing photographer.

But, from the minute I stepped into their hospital room, my nerves vanished because she and her little family are just the sweetest.  Brandie delivered at Medical Center Hospital in Odessa, which is where we had Amelia several years ago, but they *definitely* had a better room than we did.  Seriously, if all Fresh 48 sessions could be in rooms with floor to ceiling windows on two walls, that would be just fabulous. HA!  All that delicious light was just perfect for capturing their adorable boys loving on their new sister and for Everleigh's very first bath.  In fact, the session flew by, we were having so much fun chatting and shooting.  I know not everyone is comfortable having a photographer there in the room during the intense hours of the actual birth, so a Fresh 48 session is a great way to give yourself a little time to recover while still capturing those first precious hours that fly by so fast!