The Stone Family :: A Davis Mountain Destination Family Session

One thing that's really great about the Midland/Odessa area is that the photographer community is so friendly and supportive.  I've lived other places where photographers treated each other as competition and were not very friendly at all.  But I was pleasantly surprised to find out that that is not the case at all around these parts.  To be honest, I'm not even sure how Seila and I first met but now I'd consider her one of my photography besties.  Its so great to have fellow photographers that you can talk shop with, ask advice from, and put together awesome shoots with.  

Plus, other photographers usually really appreciate the value of photography and are willing to put forth a little more effort for epic photos than sometimes the average person is.  So when she said they wanted to travel someplace for some extra cool family photos, I was all "YES PLEASE!"  There are some seriously amazing landscapes in West Texas, but unfortunately most of them are a 3+ hour drive from Midland/Odessa.  I'm always down for a road trip though, so we decided to hit Fort Davis for some rugged mountain landscapes and it was 100% worth the drive.  

If you're interested in something different than everyone else in town, hit me up!  I love shooting in all the amazing little places in West Texas and we can totally make it happen.  Marathon, Marfa, Big Bend... You name it, I'm there.  Send me an email and let's start planning!